Yasso’s E-Commerce Delivers Valuable Insights


Yasso’s E-Commerce Delivers Valuable Insights


Yasso is a well-established and beloved Greek yogurt-based ice cream alternative, available in most grocery stores.  There’s goodness for everyone in bars, chocolate dipped bars, sandwiches and their new bite sized Poppables.  Fans appreciate Yasso’s ridiculously creamy solution to the “dessert dilemma” – using Greek yogurt as the base for a deliciously satisfying and indulgent dessert that’s lower in calories and packed with protein.

With such a massive brick and mortar grocery presence, what could e-commerce offer the Yasso brand?  It turns out that there is quite a lot!


E-Commerce Customers are Unique

Online fulfillment is more expensive than in-store, but adds the convenience of doorstep delivery, product exclusivity, and a fully branded experience. Yasso originates from the Greek word “Yassou” meaning “Hello.”  For such a welcoming brand, e-commerce allows Yasso to meet customers wherever they are and provide an exclusive experience across multiple dimensions. Some elements include:

  • Finding Favorites – If customers can’t find their favorites in the local grocery store, the Yasso website carries a large assortment of SKU’s. Continuous availability!
  • Early Access – New products launch on Yasso’s website before they might be available nationwide in stores. A recent example is Yasso’s line of Poppables.
  • Customizations – Specific product offerings are possible only on the website, such as “build your own 4-pack or 8-pack.” Perishable Shipping Solutions (PSS), which manages Yasso’s e-commerce logistics and deliveries, has the versatility to package multiple SKU’s together for individual shipments, enabling fulfillment of customized orders.
  • Guaranteed Quality – Yasso provides insurance for lost, stolen or damaged orders through Route, an ecommerce insurer. This provides an added layer of security to customers if a Fedex or other issue impacts their experience.
  • Relationship Building – E-newsletters communicate with Yasso’s most loyal consumers. SMS texts are a new program to engage customers more directly in conversations with special offers and promotions, building even more exclusivity.


E-Commerce Yields Rich Data & Learnings

With Yasso’s direct selling platform, the company unlocks unique opportunities to better understand their consumers and serve valuable and relevant content along the path to purchase. The omnichannel model understands that the path to purchase is not linear and can begin and end across any device.


As consumers engage with the brand’s marketing materials – across social, website, newsletter, mobile messaging, and national media – Yasso can effectively lead consumers from interest to intent to conversion. Sophisticated data allows Yasso to target hand-raisers who are actively engaging with branded materials, and provide a fully integrated, seamless shopping experience. As consumers are brought into the franchise, Yasso can leverage exclusive offerings and flash deals to nurture loyalty and retention.

Direct-to-Consumer Platform Enables Future Success

Ari Moledina, E-Commerce Manager for Yasso, found that COVID expedited a trend to online purchases that was already ticking up. Her plans include investing in a website refresh in early summer to expand product assortment, order customization, and provide subscribe and save options.

She believes that e-commerce is an important and irreplaceable enabler of Yasso’s future business.  “Our direct-to-consumer platform allows us to connect with our customers, to hear what they’re looking for, and to reach those who might not have tried Yasso or seen it in-store. We’re consistently optimizing the online frozen shopping experience and I’m excited to continue expanding our product selection and purchase options for everyone who visits the site.”

Mark Nelson

Mark is CEO of PSS with responsibility for setting the strategic vision of PSS. He is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur. Mark is passionate about growing new businesses and through the PSS platform is helping other CPG companies grow their eCommerce businesses and brands.

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