When Selling Holiday Treats Means Performing Shipping Feats


Before I created Perishable Shipping Solutions (PSS), I spent almost 10 years learning how to ship perishable products safely as the owner of Catullo Prime Meats. Catullo’s sells specialty meat products like turduckens —a Thanksgiving turkey stuffed with chicken, duck and specialty dressing.

The holidays are huge for most e-Commerce vendors, and figuring out how to get very perishable meats to customers across the country without spoiling, and on time was the challenge I needed to overcome. Thanksgiving and Christmas meats are of little use if they arrive too late.

The idea of selling meats online was good in theory, but the logistics of how to ship them took some serious thought and testing. I learned that some items could be shipped with ice-packs, while others required dry ice, depending on the location.

We don’t ship anything longer than four days. Preferably, one to three. We pack everything so that it has an extra day, just in case. If a customer is local you can drive them a new prime rib if something isn’t right. When you’re shipping to California, you can’t do that.

At PSS, I enjoy working with all the different types of food products that our customers make. It’s a challenge to find the optimal pack-out for each customer and product combination. It’s a lot like a science experiment to figure out the proper packaging, the right amount of dry ice and number of days the products can survive shipping. However, when you add in the packaging design or eco-friendly packing solutions we offer, it becomes an art too. There is always some trial and error, but we have a lot of experience shipping most food types.

The tricky part is that different products require different packaging, temperatures and handling procedures. Meats and Ice Creams must arrive completely frozen, but pies, cakes and pickles all slight different. It’s not a one-size-fits-all process.

Danny Catullo

PSS was founded in 2015 to help small businesses capitalize on the recent explosion of on-line food shopping. Not only are people more comfortable with on-line shopping for nearly everything, foodies are increasingly seeking out unique products and artisan fare.

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