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The virtual grocery shelf expands in the time of COVID-19

In this midst of 24/7 coverage of the COVID-19 epidemic, also known as coronavirus, there is a silver lining – the e-commerce engine in the food & beverage category is roaring.  Recently, Nosh, a website that covers the organic and healthy food industry, published an article about the evolving shopping behavior of the consumer during this outbreak of the coronavirus.  Click Here for Article

Changing personal behaviors signals a silver lining for e-commerce.

According to Nosh, historically food and beverage makes up 3.2% of all e-commerce activity.  However, in the wake of social distancing measures, consumers are not only rethinking their personal health and wellness, but also the way in which they shop. Specifically, consumer demand has been a boon for not only the likes of Walmart, Amazon and Target but also the unique portfolio of brands that PSS partners with:  Vive Organics, Pop & Bottle, Unreal Candy, CoreBar, among others.  As a pick and pack fulfillment solution in the perishable shipping space, PSS has seen a 50% increase across of their brands. This spike in demand, which, according to CEO Mark Nelson, “…is typically seen during the week of cyber Monday and the week before Christmas, is now the new normal.

E-commerce habits in the food and beverage sector are skyrocketing like never before. As CEO Mark Nelson suggests, “e-commerce is a learned behavior.  Today in food and beverage, we are 10 years behind where shoes and clothing were before…”   As a result, PSS leadership has increased the workforce by 25% and customer success managers are working diligently to respond to the demand – from frozen foods, ready to drink caffeinated and wellness beverages, even decadent desserts.

Necessity is the mother of invention –for brands of all sizes. 

In trying times, the opportunity for growth and innovation is never more critical.  Brick and mortar grocery, which has been the traditional first step for boutique brands to build brand loyalty and exposure, now have the opportunity to pivot their inventory direct to consumer.  While scale is an important measure in remaining cost-efficient, there is a market share opportunity for brands with a curated loyal base of customers to get creative in building further brand loyalty.

The larger brands, with scale and depth of brand equity, like Cheescake Factory, have an opportunity to continue to serve their customers directly with the same hospitality and vigor as the in-store experience would provide.

A trusted partner not just a fulfillment solution.

PSS is not just a fulfillment solution but a trusted resource to help you navigate your business, in both calm and turbulent times.  Regardless of your inventory size, the desire to understand and collaborate with you on your business goals as you grow, is as much of a priority as getting your products from the virtual shelf into your customer’s hands safely and efficiently.

Mark Nelson

Mark is CEO of PSS with responsibility for setting the strategic vision of PSS. He is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur. Mark is passionate about growing new businesses and through the PSS platform is helping other CPG companies grow their eCommerce businesses and brands.

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