Megpies Puts Large Emphasis on Customer Interaction in eCommerce Business


In 2012, a small start-up hand pie company made its debut at the famous Smorgasburg food market in New York City. Today, the Brooklyn-based Megpies have gone from appearing in local NYC coffee shops and cafés, to being sold in Starbucks stores nationally in the United States and Canada for some time. But through the growing success of the company, one principle always remains at the forefront of their work: the importance of understanding what their customers truly want and need from them.

Four years after the initial launch, Megpies introduced their own e-Commerce website (, creating a direct channel to their customers and giving them the ability to optimize their customers’ buying experience.

Backed by their growing popularity from being sold in Starbucks, and the new ability to ship nationally, Megpies’ e-Commerce business grew rapidly as they could finally get in the hands of people who previously couldn’t purchase the tarts in store—and enabled bulk buying for those that wanted more than a single unit at a coffee shop.

Launching their own site also allowed the company to better interact with their customers, experiment with pricing and discounts and product planning, and overall have complete creative control.

“[The site allowed us] to have more direct contact with [customers]: get their feedback, see what they’re buying and what they’re requesting to buy,” Jill Pfeifer, Head of Customer Experience said. Pfeifer—or the ‘Jill-of-all-trades’ as she’s commonly known as—is in charge of multiple departments within the company, including e-Commerce business, marketing, social media, etc.

In the years since the Megpies site launch, the team continues to iterate to make the user experience more customer-friendly. They’ve worked to make it easier for returning customers to quickly go through the purchasing process, and they’ve also fine-tuned their marketing messaging to educate new customers. The team has worked to learn what resonates with customers and drives sales.

And still to this day in 2019 they strive to put the customer first. Between using their e-Commerce business to share their pies nationally, and the ability to create the best possible user experience for customers, Megpies has a bright—jam-packed—future ahead of them.

Mark Nelson

Mark is CEO of PSS with responsibility for setting the strategic vision of PSS. He is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur. Mark is passionate about growing new businesses and through the PSS platform is helping other CPG companies grow their eCommerce businesses and brands.

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