Limited Release Flavors Drive eCommerce Sales at Killer Creamery


No one should be denied the ability to eat one of the world’s greatest gifts: ice cream. Born from a one-man operation in his kitchen to eventually shipping nationally, Killer Creamery has taken advantage of e-Commerce business to ensure that rule is always upheld, and that their products can be reached by anyone, in any part of the country.

Based out of Boise, Idaho food scientist Louis Armstrong founded the ice cream company in 2016, starting in his own kitchen by making single serving cups. After expanding to a creamery that helped increase production greatly, the company signed contract deals with local grocery stores such as Safeway, Albertsons and WinCo. But while this was a step in the right direction, the population of people who could enjoy the frozen treats was still limited, as Killer Creamery products can only be found in stores ranging from the west coast to Nebraska.

e-Commerce perishable fulfillment with multiple warehouse locations has allowed Killer Creamery to reach a national audience, including ice cream lovers on the east coast.

“e-Commerce is kind of what has fueled this intense growth. It’s provided a lot of opportunities to get [our] ice cream in the hands of people that normally would not be able to get it,” Tate Glasgow, Vice President of Marketing, said.

The ice cream is unique and supports a keto diet, a diet that aims to be low-carb and high-fat, providing many health benefits. Armstrong and Glasgow both live on the diet and when creating the recipe “the goal for us was to really find something that we thought tasted great and looked to fit our own lifestyles” Glasgow said.

However, the ice cream is meant to be enjoyed by all.  Their goal is to create a product that everyone would love, even if they’re not on the diet.


Partnering to Inspire Limited Release Batches

Despite being a small team, they pride themselves on this small business practice.

“Especially with our limited release flavors you are getting a hand-packed pint straight from the source and it is truly a small business that’s growing.”

The company is known for these limited releases, and collaborations, one of which will debut in July as a part of a charity campaign.

Access to their own creamery allows easy experimentation with new flavors and “being able to have the creamery do fun partnerships with people is a huge win” Glasgow said. “A lot of companies are so self-focused all the time and there’s so many good companies out there, so many good people that we want to find ways to partner with them.”

Despite Killer Creamery launching in the frozen eCommerce market only one year ago, in March 2018, they’ve seen rapid growth, reaching customers that wouldn’t have been possible before. Between national shipping and access to their own creamery, the possibilities in the future of this small Pacific Northwest-based ice cream company are endless.

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