FedEx Hosts E-Commerce Panel at NRF 2020 – Retail’s Big Show


PSS’s Danny Catullo joined the FedEx panel session, “Breaking tradition: Disrupt your industry by adding e-commerce to your business model” at the NRF 2020 – Retail’s Big Show discussing new trends in e-Commerce for retail and food companies.

Participating in the panel session was Lauren Bercier, Something Borrowed Blooms and Diana Ganz, The Groomsman Suite and moderated by Deanna Kaufman, E-Commerce & Retail Vertical with FedEx.

Catullo’s comments focused around 3 major trends in e-Commerce shipping to drive higher numbers of orders and revenue:

  • FedEx Sunday DeliveryFedex is now delivering on Sundays and allows consumers that place orders on Thursday/Friday and not have to wait till the following Wednesday to receive the package. Historically, perishable orders had to wait till Monday to be shipped.
  • Amazon Zip Code Automation – Amazon now lets the seller target specific areas of the country to offer Prime Shipping based on warehouse location(s). This is driving higher Prime Orders and lowering costs.
  • Guaranteed Date of Delivery – Customers want to know exactly when a package will arrive. They want a guaranteed date of delivery. This data requires a multi-disciplined approach from your  logistics, sales (website shopping cart), and customer service teams to be on the same page.

In 2020, Catullo predicts frozen fulfillment to increase significantly from last year.  Driving this trend is the shift to an on-demand economy and the increasing trend of consumers getting their food via E-Commerce.  FedEx and Amazon’s new solutions help food manufactures sell and reach customers more easily.

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