Save Money with PSS Group Shipping Discounts

PSS group shipping rates are incredibly competitive and in many instances the best in the country. Ship your own packages and save money using our rates.

We will start with a free analysis of your shipping rates, your destinations, and the type of shipping you are doing. We will then show you, in black and white, what you paid verses what you would have paid with PSS rates. We think you’re going love our rates!

Eco-Friendly Coolers

At PSS, we believe that everyone is responsible for our environment.  We take pride in providing a line of eco-friendly coolers that are gentle to the environment. Say hello to Green Cell Foam.  A biodegradable foam material made entirely from corn starch.  The corrugated design optimizes cushioning and stabilizes cargo.  When it comes to thermal protection, Green Cell Foam performs as well, if not better than styrofoam coolers.

PSS stocks various sizes of Green Cell Foam coolers which are available to PSS Fulfillment customers or you can buy them for your own shipping.

insulated shipping Box

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