CORE Bars’ E-Commerce Program is an “Endless Shelf”


CORE Foods is all about the core – core values, core strength and making the core happy for personal health and wellness.  CORE Bars certainly check all the boxes!  Organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, non-GMO rolled oat bars that pack in nutrients, fruits, nuts, prebiotics, probiotics for immune support, delicious taste and good health.  CORE Bars are a healthy paradigm shift from the dry, tooth-threatening oat bars you might remember.


An Experienced Team at the Intersection of High-Growth Markets

CORE Foods was the first food foray of Lance Collins, the beverage uber entrepreneur who previously founded the successful healthy beverage companies CORE® Hydration, BODYARMOR®, NOS® and Fuze®.  Lance is known to scale growth quickly by tweaking and innovating until the products, marketing and distribution are all just right.

The company is now tapping into a convergence of hot trends:  plant-based foods, the new area of “fresh snacking,” gut health and natural foods.  It’s also one of a growing number of food companies that are taking advantage of the multitude of benefits that e-commerce brings to their operations.


E-Commerce:  CORE’s Platform for Innovation

CORE® Bars contain no preservatives.  Refrigeration locks in their high moisture content, for an exceptional eating experience. In brick-and-mortar outlets the bars are found in the fresh/chilled areas around the perimeter. For online purchases, CORE Bars are cold-shipped using the services of Perishable Shipping Solutions (PSS), with Eco-Friendly Packs to ensure a great product experience.

While all CORE’S distribution channels are expanding aggressively, e-commerce is especially important for testing and learning.  The Marketing & Management teams have developed a pipeline of innovations including new lines of bars and product extensions in new categories.  For example, this spring CORE will be launching a superior-tasting line of keto bars.  The 1:1 e-commerce relationship with consumers makes it easy to collect valuable data about which new products and offers resonate – and which don’t.  In keeping with the company’s philosophy, tweaks are quickly made. The result is a highly efficient product development process, powered by their e-commerce data.


“The Endless Shelf”

Jared Simon, President and Chief Commercial Officer, notes that e-commerce is critical to CORE® Bars’ launch and innovation strategies. “Consumers have access to our full range of products online no matter where they are physically located. They can try our newest innovations before they hit retail shelves.  Our website is our “endless shelf” with the broadest lineup of SKU’s.”

The digital consumer relationship also extends to new customer acquisition strategies.  Demographics and psychographics provide the data to develop meaningful offers that more successfully identify “the next consumer.”  And so the cycle of e-commerce business fueling successful innovations and more e-commerce growth continues on and on.


CORE’s Values Permeate Actions

From its earliest days CORE was a Certified B Corporation, a hard-earned distinction denoting a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  It was therefore important to CORE that PSS’ packing materials were environmentally friendly and could be curb-recycled.  They are proud of their social efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic to support doctors, nurses, and other first responders at New York City hospitals by donating over 10,000 refrigerated CORE Probiotic Oat Bars.  And of course, e-commerce itself is a priority to ensure health and safety by limiting exposure of consumers to physical environments.

We can see that CORE Bars sets a very high bar – in every way!

Mark Nelson

Mark is CEO of PSS with responsibility for setting the strategic vision of PSS. He is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur. Mark is passionate about growing new businesses and through the PSS platform is helping other CPG companies grow their eCommerce businesses and brands.

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