A Recipe for Success: Data-Driven Story Telling


A Recipe for Success:  Data-Driven Story Telling  

Every product has a story to be told. In the wake of COVID-19, as companies of all sizes, expand and pivot their selling channels directly to their audience with eCommerce, the timing is perfect to add a dash of creativity into your brand’s identity.

The Narrative is in the Numbers.

April Lee Wiencek, also known as The Tipsy Housewife, is a brand advocate and social media strategist in the food vertical.   Her passion for food runs as deep as they do for the numbers in a Google Analytics report.  April’s passions help her portfolio of clients breathe new life into their brands, with a cohesive and targeted marketing strategy.   Working with businesses of all sizes, April helps brands build personas-including demographic and psychographic.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and Pintrest serve, as the “teaser”, with their extensive audience analytics, that effectively drive sales back to the company website.


“Social media psychology influences people whether or not they purchase direct.” April Lee   Wiencek, The Tipsy Housewife


Data is the key to content, conversation and conversion. 

April has found a recipe for success in a targeted marketing plan through blending custom branded content with smart data analytics.  The Tipsy Housewife reinforces to her clients that the quality of this recipe is the key to sales success and customer loyalty.

One example is a seasonal recipe for a 93-year old dumpling company, that received over 11M clicks.  The reason? A finely-tuned demographic and geo-targeting campaign.

Whether your sales funnel is e-commerce or omnichannel focused, a brand’s narrative should be creative, targeted and supported by data. As April points out, “be consistent with your brand’s personality and voice.”  This is the key to understanding patterns of customer behavior.   Listen and let the customer share your story.

In measuring customer acquisition costs, focusing on the quality of that customer is a key component to their retention and overall lifetime value.

Find Creativity in Optimization.

When it comes to frozen eCommerce order fulfillment, keeping it simple is essential.  That doesn’t omit an opportunity to optimize on creativity.   A brand drives the conversation with their customer. As consumers educate their favorite companies on their buying behaviors and habits, this gives some brands a reciprocal opportunity to showcase their product in new and interesting ways.


“standardization opens up a great opportunity for brands to be get more creative.”  April Lee Wiencek, The Tipsy Housewife


The central character in this story is the product. A significant part of a perishable brand’s narrative is maintaining integrity from product development all the way through to the fulfillment. That partnership in the distribution channel is vital, maximizing exposure whether it be direct to consumer or direct to retail; allowing brands to focus on understanding customer behavior and the next chapter in the lifecycle.

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