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PSS Partner Ecosystem

We make it easy to partner with us, because we couldn’t do this alone. Our strategic partnerships help us keep pace with market changes and provide the most-up-to-date and innovative products and services to our clients.

Green Cell Foam

The perfect combination of sustainable technology, thermal performance and shock protection. Green Cell Foam (GCF) Insulated Shipping Coolers protect frozen and perishable products during shipment.  These shipping coolers have thermal protection equal to polystyrene inch-for-inch.  Proven performance with dry ice and/or cold packs for pharmaceutical, food and nutritional products.

insulated shipping Box
PSS is the exclusive GCF re-seller for small and medium sized businesses. We just love a great eco-friendly shipping solution! Watch the Video on how to dispose of GCF packaging.

Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen

Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen (CCLK) is a shared kitchen and food business incubator in Cleveland, OH. PSS is a member of the CCLK incubator mentor program helping grow the business of CCLK member businesses. PSS provides coaching and mentorship on safe perishable shipping methods as well as complete order fulfillment and/or rate shipping services.

Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator

Common Wealth is a non-profit community development organization focused rebuilding the local Ohio food
economy through farmers' markets, a food co-op, healthy food kiosks and a kitchen incubator. All these elements are part of Common Wealth's Lake-to-River Food Hub aimed at increasing awareness of the availability of local food and creating a network between local growers and buyers. 

PSS is proud to support local food vendors in the Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator through consulting on perishable shipping and complete order fulfillment and/or rate shipping services to support their e-Commerce needs.


FedEx solutions connect people and possibilities. Connecting people with goods, services and ideas creates opportunities and improves lives. PSS is FedEx preferred vendor and our customers can rest assured their products will arrive safely and on-time. With industry leading technology you can track shipments confidently.


FoodECrave is an online marketplace for gourmet food vendors. By listing your products on FoodECrave, you get expertise and experience, plus all the perks of being part of a fully social platform. PSS is a proud partner on FoodECrave and many PSS customers choose to sell their products on FoodECrave, exposing their products to thousands of potential customers.

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